Just like all sports in the world, volleyball has some specific terms and jargon that only people who are active in it will be able to understand. There is a wide range of glossary of terms that are available for you to get familiar with, and despite that, it can seem intimidating at first, worry not, as they are not so complicated.

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Everyday Words That Mean Something Completely Different in Volleyball

There is no complicated terminology that you will need to remember, as the most interesting part of volleyball is that there are words and phrases in the sport from everyday life. However, these words mean something completely different when used in a volleyball game.

Volleyball is a sport that sees an increase in popularity each year, and we see new competitions being announced all the time. The number of people watching the sport increases which adds to its popularity, and if you are a new fan of volleyball, below you can find some basic terminology explained:

  • Pancake – we all know what pancake means in real life, but in volleyball, this word is used to explain a last-ditch effort made by a player to stop the ball from hitting the floor
  • Deep Dish – another everyday phrase, but volleyball players use it to explain a set that will get you a whistle and an instant side-eye from the referee
  • Six-pack – we all want a six-pack in our lives, but in volleyball, it means something completely else. It means taking a hard-driven ball to the grill
  • Campfire – nothing better than a campfire in life, but the same cannot be said in volleyball. This term is used to explain a defensive breakdown where no one got the ball
  • Chicken wing – feeling hungry? Well, it is not what we mean with Chicken Wing, as it explains the last attempt you make when digging the ball out
  • Pokey – if you poke the ball, it means that you have sent it off over the net
  • Roofio – this is a chant that the bench may scream when you or your teammate blocks an opposition attacker
  • Kong – kong is a one-handed block you need to make to the opposition player
  • Kill – it means scoring a point
  • Chowder – well, it is an illegal double contact in a set that you should hope no one has seen

Tips When Playing Volleyball

The World Volleyball Championship has just finished with Italy being crowned champions. The championship may have inspired you to start playing the game, so here are a few basic tips you can use if you are a beginner in the sport:

  • Call MINE, even when it is obvious – all volleyball players are advised to shout MINE whenever they think they will get the ball. This also should happen even if it is obvious that the ball should be yours.
  • Use all three hits – newbies in volleyball may get impatient and rush to send the ball over the net in one or two attempts. We advise you against this, as your team might get in a better position to score if you use the three hits available
  • Don’t touch the second ball, unless the setter asks you to – the Setter is the one who is in charge of the second ball, so if they don’t ask for help, don’t get the ball
  • Don’t set the ball too close to the net – as you won’t give the hitter much space for getting the perfect hit
  • Don’t touch the net – as a beginner, you might not have a sense of space that much and you might end up touching the net – this is a violation of the rules of the game

All in all, volleyball is a game that has a long history, and its popularity is likely to grow even more in the coming years. Hopefully, this article will prepare you better if you are looking to start following or playing the sport.