Beach activities are an integral part of a beach holiday. Some people go on vacation for museums and theaters, some to bask in the sun, and some to have fun on the beach. Dubai is certainly famous for its picturesque beaches, but not everyone knows what kind of activities are waiting for visitors. Let’s talk about how to have fun on the beach in Dubai.


Of course, our list is open by beach volleyball, the king of beach activities. Volleyball is a great opportunity to have fun with friends or family. This requires two teams of 6 people. In Dubai, this sport is treated with great interest, so it will not be difficult to find a playground for the game. So, for example, you can easily play on Sunset Beach, Al Sufouh Beach, and in the Esperia Volley Club. And on the territory of Kite Beach, you can not only play a set, but also get advice from professional coaches.

Those who do not intend to spend their vacation on long trips from beach to beach should pay attention to car rental. The option of renting a car will save you time and make your vacation more comfortable. Moreover, car rental services offer their services all over the world for attractive prices. You can rent an Opel in London or Tesla cars in Dubai with no problems. Try cars for rent and your travels will sparkle with new colors!

Beach Soccer

The second place is for no less popular beach soccer. The beach soccer field is smaller than usual, the maximum number of players in each team is 5 people. Most of the rules are borrowed from traditional soccer, but improvisation is very important here. Dubai regularly hosts the Beach Soccer Intercontinental Cup, and there are many professional pitches throughout the emirate. For lovers, any wide section of the beach with improvised gates is suitable.


For fans of running along the coast there are panoramic tracks with a special coating. Sunset Beach is one of the most picturesque places for fitness classes. There is a running track with a special soft coating that reduces the load on joints and ligaments. The route along the coast of Jumeirah is designed for 7 km: from Sunset Beach to the famous Burj Al Arab Hotel.

Don’t like to run on flat tracks? Then take your sneakers with you and train right on the beach. Running on difficult terrain increases endurance and helps improve coordination.


Ride the wave with the awesome kiting sport! Everyone can become a kite, regardless of age and physical fitness, all you need for this is a fair wind and a little skill. You can rent universal kites suitable for beginners, or professional models for jumping, flips and tricks right on local beaches. For kiting, a wide coast is suitable, free from any obstacles, so fans of kitesurfing choose Kite Beach.

Sports Grounds

Well, for those who are just looking for an interesting sports activity on the beaches of Dubai, well-equipped sports grounds are perfect. Here you will find both paid and free sites, so be prepared to pay some money. However, where exactly the sports grounds are free is in the Skydive Dubai zone on the Dubai Marina coast, and Kata Beach regularly hosts group workouts and fitness seminars. The Warehouse Muscle Gym is located in Jumeirah Beach Residence. Adjacent to the indoor sports complex is a playground for outdoor sports.

As you can see, you really can’t get bored in Dubai. There is a sports activity for everyone, regardless of age and depth of interests. Dubai is a storehouse of exciting entertainment and fantastic entertainment!