Volleyball is among the oldest and most popular team sports, alongside soccer and basketball. Whether you are a professional volleyball player or just a casual player, this post looks at some of the best strategies and moves you can utilize going forward. Let’s get straight to them without further ado.

Mastering the Serve

Each set begins with a serve. Having a well-thought-out service strategy can be of great help to your team. In addition to deciding how and where the ball is served, you should also choose whom to do it. The person you choose to serve the ball should also do it effectively.

The goal is to make it hard for your opponent to control the ball for a pass. But how can you do that? While you can serve the ball and hope that it will move unpredictably for the opponent, you can master the following:

○ Topspin serve

Serving with a top spin involves working the ball to ensure it leaves your hand spinning. This often results in a curved, unpredictable motion for the opponent.

○ Jump serve

This involves tossing the ball and jumping to serve it at an elevated point. Doing so generates more power for the ball while enabling you to direct it better.

Playing Volleyball-themed Games as a Strategy

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○ Why slots?

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○ Are gambling games bad?

Gambling can get out of hand quickly. That is why you should always allocate a gambling budget and stick to it no matter what. Also, choose a casino that advocates for responsible gambling, which brings us to the next point.

○ Choosing the right casino

All casinos are not the same. While some care for your well-being as a player, others do not. That is why you must always go for the proven best online casinos that payout real money. Some of their characteristics include legitimate licenses, competitive bonuses for players, and convenient payment methods. Now, back to volleyball strategies.

Setting and Passing Drills

You should also develop and master passing and setting patterns for the team.

The pass comes first after the ball is served on your side of the court. And the goal here is to get the ball under control for the setter. This way, the setter only focuses on getting a good set and not getting to the ball or getting it under control.

The set comes after the pass, where the setter must focus on positioning the ball in the air for the perfect attack. Some of the best setting strategies include:

○ Back setting

Unlike the forward set, you make the ball travel backward to meet the attacker by pushing your hips forward as you extend your arms to set the ball. You must, however, begin the same way as with the front set. That is, with feet bent forward, only hitting the ball when it is directly above your forehead.

To confuse the opponent, you need to make the impression that you intend to set the ball forward but make the ball travel backward, as already mentioned. To ensure that the ball follows the intended path, do not get out of the back set position so fast, as the ball could get dragged off the course.

○ Forward dumping

The setter on your team should monitor the opposition’s movements to identify opportunities for forward dumping. This involves scoring by dumping the ball over the net to an unmarked spot.

Attacking Tactics

After mastering passing and setting strategies, your team should devise ways to attack the ball. The aim is to deliver a menacing, uncontrollable ball that hopefully lands on the other side of the court, earning you points. Some of the ball-hitting strategies here include:

○ The hard shot

The hard shot is probably the best way to attack the ball, as it renders it virtually uncontrollable for the opponent. To execute it, the attacker jumps high to drive the set ball hard into the opponent’s side of the court. Footwork or calculated steps can be incorporated into the move to increase the chances of delivering a winner.

○ Dinks

The hard shot is not the only way to deliver an effective attack in volleyball. You can also execute dinks, where the ball gets shot toward an open space on the opponent’s side of the court. Like with forward dumping, it is the attacker’s responsibility to keep a close eye on the opposing team’s movements.

Becoming a Volleyball Pro

Ask any volleyball veteran what it takes to become one, and you won’t miss the word “practice”  in the response you get. So, don’t just read volleyball strategies. Practice them as well, and you will be on the way to becoming that volleyball pro you have been eyeing for so long. Not ready to get down and dirty on the court? Then try playing volleyball-themed slot games at your favorite casino for free or for real money. If you opt for the latter, make sure you stick to the responsible gambling guidelines laid out by the casino. This way, gambling will remain a fun pastime activity, as it should be.