Volleyball is one of the most popular sports in the world right now. In fact, it is ranked 5th on the list of top 10 most popular sports, with hundreds of millions of fans, and climbing. Sports similar to volleyball have been played in a number of cultures all around the world. Hand-ball sports similar to it were played in Asian countries, and by the indigenous populations of North, South, and Central America. It is a favorite participation sport among young people, especially in regions with mild, warm climates, since it can be played on the beach. Volleyball is also one of the rare sports where the female league is more popular than the men’s league.

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There have been so many great players in volleyball throughout its history, and still today, some of the best volleyball players include women like Paola Egonu, TijanaBoshkovich, Michelle Bartsch-Hackley, and many more. However, in this article, we are going to turn back, and look at some of the greatest volleyball players of all time.

Yeon-Koung Kim

Hailing from South Korea, Yeon-Koung Kim is one of volleyball’s greatest players, often ranked in the top 3 whenever anyone makes a list of the best of the best. Kim, up until very recently, played as an outside hitter, and captain of the South Korean National Team, however, in 2021, she announced she was retiring from the team, and is now playing for the Chinese club, Shanghai women’s volleyball.

Kim has been elected MVP, and best scorer at the 2012 London Olympics. Despite her team finishing in fourth place, Kim proved to be one of the greatest-of-all-time by setting a record for most points scored, with 207. She is the first player in the history of Asian volleyball to receive an MVP award in the Central European Volleyball Women’s Champions League.

Ting Zhu

The outside hitter, and captain of China’s women’s volleyball team, Up until very recently, Ting Zhu played for a Turkish volleyball club, however, in 2020 she returned to her country of origin, and is currently playing for Tianjin Bohai Bank. She has won several awards and accolades, including the MVP award at the 2016 Olympics in Rio. Ting Zhu is widely regarded as one of the best volleyball players in history, and, as of 2019, she is also the highest paid volleyball player in the world.

Yekaterina Gamova

Considered by many to be the greatest of all time, and often referred to as “the Queen of Volleyball”, YekaterinaGamova is, without a doubt, one of the best volleyball players in the sport’s history. She has won several awards, including government awards for Merit to the Fatherland. She has won several gold medals, most notably in the 1999 World Grand Prix and the 2006, and 2010 World Championships. She is also a two-time Olympic silver medalist. Unfortunately, Gamova announced that she will be retiring in 2016, and has not been on the scene since.