Volleyball is surprisingly popular – it comes in at number 5 for the most popular sport on the planet and millions of people all over the globe enjoy playing and watching the sport. The sport was invented way back in 1895 and has shot up in popularity due to the excitement, teamwork and tense matches. But did you know you can bet on most of the big games?

We’re going to cover everything you need to know and how you too can get in on the volleyball betting action. If you feel like enjoying other forms of online gambling instead – like playing online slots – be sure to check out slotsource.ca for a list of the best online casinos.

Let’s get into it!

How Does Betting on Volleyball Work?

Being a sport based around teams you can bet on each team as a whole or every individual player, depending on what the online bookie offers. There are different forms of volleyball though – such as indoor volleyball, Wallyball and traditional beach volleyball.

You’ll have to know what event you’d like to place a bet on, search through the different markets and odds and make your prediction. You want to be looking for any bookmaker that has extensive coverage of any events that you’re betting on – from friendly games to the World Championship.

Volleyball Odds

Thanks to the popularity of the sport, you’ll be able to find some competitive odds available to you. In general, The lower the odds, the less likely the bet will happen in the eyes of the bookie.

The odds system works the same as betting on any other sport – the odds determine how much you walk away with if the bet comes in. Different bookies will have the odds formatted differently, but you should be able to switch odds between the most common formats – Francional, decimal, Hong Kong and European.

The Most Popular Bets On Volleyball

The different markets that are available to you dictate what you can wager on when you place your bets on a volleyball game. It’s always good to know the most popular markers available in volleyball:

Outright and Winner bets

The most popular and commonly placed bets are outright bets. With these, you’re dictating what team will win a specific tournament. You can select from multiple tournaments and leagues – you’ll often find really high odds as well.

The odds for these types of bets are usully high since there are various factors involved, making it harder for people placing the bets to research.

Handicap bets

These types of bets are common in volleyball games where the chances of one team winning another are well known to be higher. Many gambling operators will handicap the favourite team to keep the odds even.

An example may be a match between the Netherlands and Japan. The Japanese volleyball team are the much stronger team overall, so a bookie may handicap the odds of Japan by +1.5. This means that Japan has to win the game with a difference of 2 or more sets.

Over and Under markets

These types of markets are common when it comes to predicting the total points in any volleyball game. You place a bet on whether the score of a game or set will be over a certain amount or under.

You can find similar markets in volleyball such as points betting – betting on the total number of points that will be scored in a match – and score betting – where you predict the exact score of a game. Both of these will usually be over/under types of bets.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Here are some handy tips you can use when you bet on Volleyball:

Look for the best odds – pretty self-explanatory, but be sure to shop around on different sites to see who has the best odds!

Make use of Volleyball tipsters – Tipsters are often experts on their chosen sport and can offer a unique and fresh perspective on games.

Be happy with small wins – like betting on any sport, Volleyball is a game of pure chance. Therefore you should celebrate any wins you get – big or small, and make sure you’re focused on the thrill of the game, not making significant earnings.