With a global appeal that outlasts many other sports and many different variations of the game, volleyball has become one of the most accessible sports betting vocations for punters in the world. Following a similar trend to sports such as handball and basketball – sports that have generated enough betting traction to have specialised sportsbooks, such as UK NBA bookmakers – volleyball is becoming one of the hottest topics in the world of sports betting.

Key to the appeal with volleyball betting is the big difference in between the two main sporting outputs and the size of the global volleyball calendar. Volleyball and beach volleyball both present serious opportunities for punters – with each having their own nuances for players to look to exploit.

In addition, the global volleyball calendar has expanded exponentially in recent times, with a 24/7 approach to volleyball worldwide and the advent of in-play volleyball betting, presenting it as a viable option to sports betting fans, regardless of their betting aspirations.

However, as with many other sports, betting on volleyball is not as simple as choosing the team with the most potential to win and there are several factors to consider in order when punting on volleyball:

Odds and Bets on Offer

One of the key considerations when it comes to volleyball betting is the odds that are on offer and the different types of bets available to punters. The betting odds offered by different bookmakers are often the most important things to consider when making informed bets on any sport, but they are particularly pertinent in the world of volleyball.

In comparison to many other sports, volleyball betting odds are often lacking in accuracy, giving players plenty of chance to potentially exploit some holes in the market. This ties in nicely with the different betting types available for volleyball matches.

Inevitably, outright winner markets are the most popular in the world of volleyball betting, with volleyball accumulator betting also forcing its way onto the market. In addition, there are plenty of other volleyball bets for players to get stuck into too, including money line bets, point spread bets, and over/under bets.

Teams and Players Involved

Another of the most important things to consider when betting on volleyball is the teams and players involved.

Research needs to be done on each team’s strengths and weaknesses, as well as the individual players on each team. Factoring in recent performances, including wins and losses, as well as individual statistics, such as their hitting and blocking percentages will assist punters, regardless of their betting motivation.

Current Form

One facet that transcends beyond volleyball but remains as relevant as ever is the form of each team. Recent performances and current form always play a huge role in not only the odds that are being offered out by bookmakers but also, how each team could shape up against each other.

Roster Changes

In keeping with the form of the teams, another important factor to consider when volleyball betting is any roster changes that have taken place. Unlike sports such as football or basketball, volleyball transfers aren’t huge business and as a consequence, they can sometimes sneak under the radar. If a team adds or loses key players, this can significantly impact their performance and being informed about all the latest comings and goings from each team is essential in the world of volleyball.

Home or Away

When it comes to home advantage, the international approach to volleyball, particularly in Asia and Europe can often have a big impact on the outcome of a given game. As with every sport, teams tend to perform better on their home courts, as they are familiar with the conditions and have the support of their home crowd. Partisan atmospheres are very much part of the viewing experience in the world of volleyball and momentum can easily be generated by a passionate home crowd.


In a similar vein, the impact of any results in the previous head-to-head matches between the teams involved, can have a huge impact when betting on volleyball. How a team sets up stylistically, the strengths and weaknesses of each team and certain tactical battles can easily be ascertained by studying previous fixtures, which in turn can help volleyball punters make more informed betting decisions.