If you are looking for sports you can participate in high school or college, volleyball is a great idea. Volleyball is a great sport for students.

It is an engaging activity, and participants, as well as spectators, enjoy the game very much. It is not as popular as other sports like basketball, football, and rugby, but it is just as good. There are a lot of benefits that students reap from playing the game. These are some of the reasons why students are taking an interest in volleyball.

It teaches quick thinking

Volleyball is a sport that requires you to think fast. You always need to be on your toes and not waste even a second because that is how you lose the ball. You need to train your eye on the ball and not lose focus. The game moves very quickly, and that is why you need to think fast while playing.

Constantly playing this game will sharpen your mind, and the concept of thinking fast will start applying in other areas of your life. You will be able to apply this skill in class, making you understand and grasp concepts better in the long run and perform better in class. Quick thinking is not just applicable in school. It is very useful outside school as well.

Volleyball can, at times, be a very demanding sport. If you compete, balancing that and school can be tricky. College students who play volleyball and even competitors may lack time to do assignments. They can seek professional help from qualified writers on online essay writing services. They could also buy college essays at studyclerk when they need quick assignment help. This will keep them free from the burden of writing academic assignments. The free time can be used to pursue their passion and excel in volleyball.

Keeps you fit

There is a lot of movement when playing the game of volleyball. You are always running around the court, jumping to hit the ball, squatting, and kneeling. Your body will always be burning fat as you play. You will also need to do some warm-ups and stretches before and after the game to give you the energy and avoid muscle cramps.

These are all activities that will contribute to keeping you fit. Volleyball can completely supplement working out. The activity involved in volleyball is enough to cover you for the day. Playing this game will have your body looking good and feeling even better. That is one of the many benefits of sports for students.

Learn how to work as a team

Volleyball is completely dependent on the use of teamwork. You have to work as a team to win a game of volleyball. The teammates need to boost each other and come through for one another on the court. Not every time a player can go for the ball. Sometimes it may be too close or too far, and it is up to someone else to save it. This is why you will need to work together in this game.

Teamwork is an important skill for students to learn. Many times in class, we are given group projects. People who do not know how to work as a team find it very hard to work with other people. You may fail to do your part or get into disagreements with group members. A sport like volleyball can teach you how to work with others.

It can be played professionally

Students can play volleyball professionally and make a living from it. Education is important, but it is not always the answer. Sometimes you may fail to get a job based on your academic qualifications. That is okay because such is life. In such a case, an extra skill can help you out. You can join a team that competes professionally and start earning from that.

People who play volleyball internationally make a good amount of money, and that is money that can sustain their livelihoods and families. You could also coach volleyball in schools, that is also a very decent job. The job market is very saturated, and we need to start thinking outside the box if the original plan fails to work.


Volleyball is a great sport that equips you with so many skills. It is also a great way to keep fit. When choosing sports, volleyball is a great option. It will also be less of a hassle as most students will opt for the more popular options, and it might be hard to join a team. These are just, but a few of the ways volleyball helps students.

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