There are many dynasties in sports and other areas. We would like to tell you about some famous volleyball families from all over the world.

Love Stories on the Volleyball Pitch

There are so many dynasties in all spheres of our lives. Parents want their children to be on track of their careers. “Like father – like son” – is the motto of most families, especially the famous ones. That’s how we got so many talented sportsmen, musicians, teachers, actors, doctors, etc. Here we are going to talk specifically about volleyball dynasties. This kind of sport can boast having the biggest concentration of families, as it is a team sport, and you can’t rely on anybody more than on your own family. Here are some great examples of volleyball couples and dynasties:

  • Jaqueline Carvalho and Murilo Endres – is a husband and a wife, playing one game. The husband was a gold-medalist of the world championships. His wife left a career of a two-time Olympic champion to raise their baby. We hope they are going to raise a new volleyball star;
  • Bahar Toksoy and Giovanni Guidetti – a Turkish couple of a volleyball player and her head coach. They even managed to win a World Cup Championship together. One more volleyball couple married in Istanbul. That was a real sporty wedding, full of volleyball players.
  • Alexey and Marina Babeshiny – two Russian volleyball players, who met in a nightclub, but not on a pitch. She was a World Champion in 2006, and a silver medalist of the Olympic Games in 2004. He was the winner of the Champions League. Their small daughter seems to have volleyball in her blood.

World sports shows us a lot of examples of when a child steps in the footsteps of their parents, and probably, all the families mentioned above will create volleyball dynasties of their own.

Some dynasties do exist already, and we’ve got some examples of this for you as well:

  • The Pankov family has two generations of volleyball players now. Marina Pankova, the world and European champion, and her husband Vadim Pankov, honored coach of Russian Federation; gave birth to a boy and a girl. Their Daughter Catherine is a Champion of Europe, and their son Pavel, is called the most talented young player of his role. Catherine is married, and maybe her baby will be even more gifted.
  • Travic dynasty started from Ljubomir Travica, a Serbian coach and volleyball player. His coaching career began in Italy, and was developed in Poland and other European countries. His son, Dragan, started his career in Italy, as his father did. He is a great player and a veteran of the Italian volleyball team. Like father – like son.
  • The Grbic dynasty was raised by Milos Grbic. He was not just a captain of the national squad (1975) but also a father of two famous and talented volleyball players – Nikola and Vladimir Grbic. They continued their father’s craft and gained the titles of Olympic champions, and champions of Europe. Now both of them finished their volleyball careers, but we are  pretty sure that their children will put on their fathers’ sneakers one day.
  • The Lasko dynasty starts in 1976, when Pole Lech Lasko, a multiple prize-winner of European championships, gave birth to his son, Michal. His first steps in volleyball were made in Italy. Michal Lasko managed to win the European Championship with his team, and became a bronze medalist of the London Olympics. Then, he moved to Poland, and continued his career there.


So many families, couples, and dynasties; are engaged in volleyball. It shows definitive evidence of passing on genetic talents to their offspring.

Dynasties can be both a blessing and a curse. Some offspring have the same illnesses and diseases as their parents, some people are inclined to be thieves or murders. The luckiest ones, are those who inherited adventurous traits. These ones are really fond of gaming and betting, and they know how to make money from it. They can be found at some of the latest new casinos or sportsbooks. They can teach you how to turn the air into gold.

All in all, dynasties are the families that have something in common. So, if you want your children to be clever, venturous, cunning, or smart; you should increase these elements of character in yourself. The champions of volleyball are grown only by the champions themselves. Remember this, when you don’t want to improve your skills, and spend your days laying on the sofa! Nobody will do this for you, it’s all up to you.