It’s December! People call it “The most wonderful time of the year” and we want to make you- our readers, happier! This is why we have prepared Christmas interviews with popular volleyball players – stars of our sport answer our questions and send your wishes to you via VolleyCountry!

Let the magic happen!

We start with Elitsa Vasileva – an international volleyball star and above all- a great person! 

 Elitsa Vasileva is one of the biggest stars of  women’s volleyball. The Bulgarian is a leader not only in her National Team, but also has a great impact in each team she plays for. Just to remind you that Vasileva achieved 57 a single match last December in the League of South Korea, setting a world record. This season Super Eli is representing the colors of VakifBank (Istanbul).

Besides the great player she is, Eli is also always down-to-earth. The Bulgarian star answered our Christmas questions only to make you happy!

Find out what Eli wished to you for the Christmas Holidays and is there a special tradition in her family for these feasts:

           What does Christmas mean to you?

–          Christmas is one of my favorite feasts. When I think about Christmas, I associate it to my family, to home comfort, even to the Badnik (NB Badnik in Bulgarian traditions is a piece of a tree – a cut trunk of oak, elm or pear tree, which according to the traditions of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria, should be placed in the hearth or fireplace and burn the night of festive table on Christmas Eve). We have put the Badnik in the fireplace according to the traditions even when I was a small kid years ago. We respect all the traditions in my family and I would like to save these things for my children one day.

–          What is your best Christmas memory?

–          I remember that when we were kids with my sister we have found each morning on Christmas some chocolate figures of Santa Claus under the Christmas tree. When I was a kid, I also associated Christmas to lots of snow and plays outside.

–          How are you going to spend the Holidays this year?

–          Fortunately, I will be at home this year, with my nearest and closest people.

–          Like a professional player, what have you missed the most on Christmas ?

–          I only miss my father.

–          Is there a special Christmas tradition in your family that you do every single year?

–          The women in my family prepare special Bulgarian dishes that we have for the Holidays. And this is something that we repeat year after year. For example, my aunt is preparing the Christmas bread (called Koledna pitka) and I help to my grandmother for the banitza with leek (another typical Bulgarian food – prepared by layering a mixture of whisked eggs and pieces of chees between filo pastry and then baking it in an oven) etc. At the end, after the family got together and we have had the dinner, we never bring what’s left from the food back to the kitchen. We leave it till the next day as Bulgarian tradition requires it- people have to leave the food so Christ could come and eat.

–          Make a Christmas wish to our readers!

–          I wish to all of VolleyCountry’s readers to be healthy – they and their families. In fact, there is nothing more important in the world than the health. also wishes all the best to Elitsa and her family! May joy and happy moments fill your lives, Eli! 🙂