Considered by many as the best Bulgarian volleyball player, Matey Kaziyski left the Bulgarian national volleyball team in 2012 after some serious conflicts with Bulgarian Volleyball Federation. Conflicts about the present situation of the Bulgarian volleyball and its future.

Kaziyski left the team and even though he had stated several times that he is missing the feeling of playing for the NT, he didn’t come back . The reason? He wants to see some real changes in the management of Bulgarian volleyball. 

The superstar of the Italian Trentino gave an interview for Petar Stoyanov from Bulgarian TV7. The player talks about the NT and the possibility to represent Bulgaria someday again and the threats regarding stopping his playing rights.


–          In the summer of 2014 some rumors around a possible return from your side to the Bulgarian national team were spread.  There were some conversations between you and the head coach of the team Plamen Konstantinov. What happened?

–          It was a really strange situation. To be fair, there was this moment when I was thinking about a possible option to return to the team. We had some  conversations together with Plamen Konsatinov and the general secretary of the Bulgarian Volleyball Federation Toni Nikolov. Long conversations, that at the end, didn’t led to anything. The only thing that happened, is that there was this big mismatch on what we’ve talked about. I’ve explained very clearly to both of them that there is no chance to return for the Finals (of the WCH N.B.)  because I wasn’t ready and there wasn’t enough time to prepare.  Afterwards, during the official press conference they stated that they expect me to answer in a positive way to the invitation of re-joining of the team. This is when I understood that we speak different languages and there is no point in keeping the conversations. Now the situation with the national team is a closed page to me and I wish all the best to the guys from the team.

–          What made you think about returning in the national team?  

–          Honestly, nostalgia and desire to do something else with the Bulgarian national team. I think I still have the strength to do, but as I said – it’s past.

From what you told me now I can imagine that you’ve talk with Plamen for a comeback, but in 2015. Is this true?

– Yes. My idea was to see if the players now can succeed into build a team, which I may help for the European Championship in Bulgaria or something else.

–  Are you disappointed that things did not work out?

–          I am disappointed by the whole situation in Bulgarian volleyball. I think we have a lot more potential than the level at which we are now. Not just talking about the national team, I talk about volleyball in general. Unfortunately, there are some things missing  and others that are not done in the right way, as they would be done in any other country- these all  makes it difficult for  volleyball to go to another level. When we talk about attention from fans and love from their side, if I may say so, volleyball is the first in Bulgaria. We all know what  is happening with the national team, what is happening to volleyball players who are playing abroad. Previously, it was a taboo to find information about a match abroad. Now we can see  all matches from all leagues.

– After  one interview in the autumn, kind of “a war”  began against you by  the federation. There was a threat of suspension of the rights, if you not pay Slavia owed money. Then the court acquitted you. Can you feel it in some way the federation wanted to show you who is the chief?

– No, nobody called me, nobody has put any ultimatums, no one told me anything. But why did they come up with such a statement at the meeting of the Board, I do not know. It wouldn’t be bad, you to ask them. What pleases me the most is that the court ruled in my favor in last instance and gave the rightness to me in my dispute with Slavia. I am now absolutely free. The only thing I hope is that Bulgarian Federation is going to respect this decision.

 – Are you concerned that they  can stop your playing rights?

– Honestly not. I think that this situation is not real. We have seen that in Bulgaria everything is possible, so let’s wait to see what could happen, but I do not think that is something normal.

– Do you expect other unfairy hits?

– No, I hope things are growing queit because it’s been a long time since I am not part of the national team. I’m even happy with the last thing that they said – they will no longer seek me. Done. Put a stone on what has happened and move forward.

– Are you sorry? 

– As I said, I’m sorry about many things. I am sorry in general for volleyball in Bulgaria because I believe that the present level is not the one it should be.  I have other dreams and ideas for Bulgarian volleyball.

– What is the exit?

– With me or without me Bulgarian volleyball continues to function, to have a team and to play. Unfortunately, I think the level declined more and more and someone needs to start doing something in the opposite direction, otherwise things go to decay.