The start of the transfer window is approaching, in some leagues the market is already active. It happens very often that a volleyball player remains without a club.


We ask ourself. Where do we make mistakes? Do we have high demands? We are not attractive enough for the clubs? Is our performance weak? We are unlucky? Is my agent weak? Everything goes hand in hand with itself, and everything fits together.

We must ask ourselves and look truth in the eye about where I made a mistake. You should analyze step by step and perhaps you discover where you made mistake.

Before signing the first professional contract you must realize that there is no need to have big eyes and sometimes accept conditions which the professional club is offering me. When we speculate and wait for a better offer it might happen that it will not come. If you don´t have any experience from national team and many big matches behind you, there is needed to estimate our real market prize. It is always better to get into the club and have a place where we can improve like having big eyes and have no club. Our market value will go up if you make progress and results in your performance grow. Go for an advice to more experienced teammate or coach or even ask your current agent which should be able to give you advice.

Reality: after season the finish.

Usually our salary grows each year for about 5-10%, all depends on how we improve, what results we made and how handy is our agent. Those whose salary is increased by 50% and more we can talk about luck. Too many players think that this works on everybody that when the season ends and they won the championship or achieved great results they can ask for much bigger salary than the last season. Yes this can be but it´s not always a rule. It may turn around everything against us and we stay disappointed and unemployed when we overshoot our market value.

There are no sure contracts, the same as there is no sure win when you play in casino.

Everything can be arranged, and each country has its own rules. “Guaranteed” contract can give players peace, but some teams may decide not to honor such contracts. What options do the players have in this situation? Here is where the agent or volleyball agency plays a key role. If you do not have an agent it is suitable for you to get one as soon as possible or have some experienced teammates give you an advice on some agent.