Martin Poeder | Physical Condition Development in Volleyball

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Martin Poeder presents basics of physical condition development for kids to adult volleyball players in online course.



Martin Poeder is respected Italian athletic coach, leading Trentino to many titles in Italy and worldwide. Martin Poeder presented his view on the physical condition development in volleyball at the World Coaching Volleyball Show 2018.

What do players aged 10 to 16 need to develop motor skills and skills?
What are the most common motor problems players face?
Which important exercises should players know and know from an early age?
When to start with physical preparation in volleyball?
What are the basic exercises for developing the jump?

Not only these questions will be answered by Martin Poeder in a four-hour recordings of his two lectures. M. Poeder knows very well the problems in youth volleyball. For nearly ten years he was responsible for developing motor skills and physical condition in the Italian super club Trentino, which ruled world volleyball between 2009 and 2012.

Time: 240 minutes
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