Roberto Piazza | Reception

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Roberto Piazza will show you his point of view on reception from youth volleyball players to adults. He demonstrates his know how on several exercises.



Roberto Piazza is Italian famous volleyball coach, winner of prestige polish Plusliga with SKRA Belchatow in 2018. He presented his knowledge about reception in volleyball during World Volleyball Coaches Show 2018.

You will learn in course:

  • The reception development for children up to the age of 12 years
  • An insight into the reception of players 12 – 14 years old with connection to the underhand and overhand serve
  • The development and improvement of the reception technique of players 15 – 16 years old with connection to adult players
  • Teaching procedures of the reception technique and exhibitions of elementary exercises
  • Strategic insight – advantages of the overhand and underhand reception / Which of the two techniques is more convenient in chosen situations? / Chronological order with connection to the beginning of teaching
  • The organization of reception during a match

Time: 120 minutes
This course will expire 12 months after purchase.