VolleyCountry Elastic Band | Yellow, 2 m


VolleyCountry elastic band for volleyball players will not only help you with prevention, but at the same time you will strengthen your muscles while exercising with it.

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Looking for the perfect training tool to improve your volleyball skills? Our yellow elastic for volleyball players is here for you! This basic elastic band with the least resistance is the perfect accessory for beginners, but also for players returning from injury. It is suitable for preventative training, strength training, speed, technique and coordination, which are key aspects of volleyball.

The main advantages

  • Length 2 metres: The length of 2 metres gives you plenty of space for different exercises and training routines.
  • Ideal for beginners: this rubber is designed with beginners in mind who want to improve their volleyball skills.
  • Suitable for recovering from injury: For players returning from injury, this rubber can be a great way to gradually return to form and strengthen the injured area.

Free online course

In addition to purchasing this yellow elastic, you’ll also get access to our free online short course! During this course, you will learn how to properly use the VolleyCountry elastic band and how to perform basic exercises to improve your volleyball skills. This is the perfect opportunity for you to become a better player.


Color: Yellow
Length: 2 meters
Width: 15 cm
Suitable for children aged 10 years and above

Now you have the opportunity to increase your volleyball skills and reach your goals with our yellow elastic for volleyball players. Don’t wait and add this great training tool to your basket now! Your journey to better volleyball performance starts right here.

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