Volleyball is a popular sport, but sometimes it can be painful. It is important for a volleyball player to understand the top five pieces of equipment that will prevent injuries and bring success during the activity.

Solid Ball

Contrary to popular belief, not all volleyballs are the same. The ball is the single most important piece of equipment in the game. A good ball will alleviate pain caused by hitting it over the net or between teammates. If a game is being played indoors, a leather ball will work best. It cannot be used outside because it may become wet and damaged. A cloth ball may be used as well. This will not sting as much on the arms and lasts a long time without costing a fortune. For outdoor play, a synthetic leather ball is recommended.

Knee Pads

Volleyball knee pads prevent injuries. However, a person should choose pads according to age and experience. For instance, younger athletes should use thicker pads, since these players have less experience diving for the ball. Older athletes with more knowledge may choose thinner knee pads. They work well to prevent bruising and burns. All knee pads must fit comfortably around the leg area.

Ankle Braces

The most common injury associated with a volleyball player is a sprained ankle. To avoid the problem, it is wise to invest in a good pair of ankle braces. Since braces have proven to lower injuries by 40 percent, certain volleyball team coaches mandate them. They provide stability to the area without compromising activity. Lace-up braces guard the sides, front, and back of the ankles. They are especially important when setting the ball, at the time of frequent under-the-net contact.

Proper Footwear

Mens and womens volleyball shoes are essential gear for the game. These shoes contain a gum rubber sole to provide maximum traction. These shoes are designed to protect the foot during side-to-side movement. The front padding of the shoes is thick, so the legs do not suffer pain from continuous jumping. A smart shoe choice will be made of leather and contain a low heel. This provides top support and helps to prevent sprains as well.

Volleyball Duffle Bag

After having the right volleyball gear and clothing, it is important to have a dedicated piece of equipment to keep everything organized and easy to access. The bag should be simple to carry. Most people prefer a backpack style, where the weight can be evenly distributed across both shoulders. The bag should also contain numerous compartments and pockets. This will give space to separate equipment and keep clean items away from sweaty and used garments.

The above items are five of the top essentials every volleyball player should own. They will keep a person safe, organized, and ready for some great fun. Before getting ready for a game, it is essential to have a duffle bag filled with the right equipment.

Volleyball Serving Machines

With modern technology, it’s easier than ever to really step up your Volleyball game. As Volleyball became more and more competitive, and the jump serve became a standard move, it was clear that the need for better Volleyball training equipment was needed. This is when companies like Sports Attack started to develop Volleyball machines. The problem was they needed to be affordable and portable, and needed to be able to really test the modern Volleyball player. To learn more about volleyball serving machines, check out this article for more info https://www.anytimesportssupply.com/collections/volleyball-machines.