Have you ever wondered what to do to improve your vertical jump? We have some tips, which can help you work on your jump.


Your jump can divide into three phases. When you load up the muscles for the jump, it is the eccentric phase. The concentric phase is actual upwards explosive movement. The phase number three that is the amortization phase, and occurs between the first and second phase.

Additionaly, to jump higher, you must focus on four factors and work on them.

1. Movement Efficiency

2. Body Composition

3. Strength

4. Speed


Movement efficiency is the same as coordination.

Skinny people jump higer, so when you want jump higer – reduce unnecessary weight.

Strength in terms of jumping is essentially how much force you can apply to the ground.

Jumping speed is a combination of your rate of force development (RFD)  and your reactivity. RFD is how quickly you can access your strength to produce your jumping power and reactive strength is how quickly you can do your full up and down jumping motion without loss of performance.


In next articles we will disclose the details each of the four factors over which you have to work to improve the jump.


source: Volleyball Plyometric Training