Various volleyball drills are available to create the skills of players, teamwork, coordination, and also about each other aspect of the game. There are not when a whole lot of the drills that work on enhancing the jump height of volleyball player.

If you are also interesting for bets in volleyball and its drill, so you may also try It provides you with a perfect platform for betting online on various sports. However, there are a few of the exercises that as a coach may simply use to assist the players to gain some height on the jump. It might even be really important, as a regulation the volleyball net usually stands about 8 feet high for the men, and usually under 7.5 feet for the women. On average, the jump height of men is about 16-20 inches, though it is about 12-16 for women. When you add some kind of the exercises before running the normal drills of volleyball, you may also add some of the inches to the height.

Key of Jumping in Volleyball

The key for jumping the volleyball drills is mainly to understand that these are not usually the drills for an accepted sense of the word. On the other hand, there are mainly three exercises that you may simply use as the volleyball drills which will work muscles necessary in case of the higher jump.

  • First Drill – Toe stretch

The first drill is the toe-stretch. In such kind of drill, you can have the entire teams which also stand to be flat-footed on the floor. At the command, that will burst up so every player is supporting entire of the bodyweight on just their toes and balls of the feet. It will even assist to build the strong calf muscles. You may even change this drill by having the timing contests to check who may simply stay in the position till last, or you may even have team stand with the toes on the slightly enhanced curb. It also keeps the great variety in the volleyball drills.

  • Gain Jump height – Squats

Next good drill for volleyball is to use for attaining jump height is the squats. The squat is a common kind of exercise that creates the upper thigh muscles. Also, execution is quite simple and also self-explanatory. Moreover, players start such kind of volleyball drill by even squatting down, with the hands-on floor. At the given word, players explode straight, and after this, they return to the squat position. You can even add this into a volleyball drill by having a player squat on one side of the net. You may also toss the ball in the air, and should also have player quickly to reach the standing position, after this you need to return the ball, and also squat again. Quite long, the motion will also become the second nature.

  • The third Drill – Step up

Next, Step-ups are other great and wonderful way to help in developing the higher jump. It is an easy exercise which has a player standing in the front of the bench, then again in the exaggerated form, you need to step up. This kind of form is significant to train muscles in the understanding as well as accepting motion involved in step up. A wonderful way for incorporating the exercise in the true drill of volleyball is to have a bench in the front of the net. The player should also step onto the bench to return the ball, and step back down quickly when the successful return gets executed.

When you look back on volleyball drills, you might notice that something is important about them. In the specific jump move, the player will also make the exaggerated stepping up of the motion with legs, with calf muscles and also the thigh muscles in the tandem. If you have the teamwork on volleyball drills constantly, you need to find every member of the team adding the inches to jump height.