Mini volleyball for kids part II will show you anohter two exercises for kids. Exercises which will help the kids to learn basics of volleyball.

Exercise no.1:

In this exercise players split up into two teams including at least 6 individual ones form two rows on both sides of the court. Each group has its own ball. At a signal from a coach opposite players put the ball over the net and recoil at the end of their rows (see picture 2). The team that completes the exercise faster, i.e. which players reach the places they stood in when the game started win it scoring 1 point. Play continues until one team gets 3 points.

Remarks: The way of pushing the ball and moving during the train should be determined. Coach can introduce some extra exercises into play and ask players to do them while changing their position.




As there are a few variants of the drill players may change the way they move after pushing the ball to running under the net and joining opposite row (player follows the ball). In this case additional exercises mentioned in ‘remarks’ should be done under the net.


Exercise no.2:

This exercise needs two teams including the equal number of players. Each of them is divided into two groups forming rows standing diagonally opposite to each other. At a signal from a coach first players from both teams throw balls across the net (each team has its own one) to his or her teammate waiting on the opposite side of the court. After that he or she runs over the net in a diagonal direction towards the another row and eventually place himself or herself at the end of it. To complete the rally players must return on their position they took before. The team who does this exercise faster than another at least 3 times wins the whole game.

Remarks: The way of throwing the ball as well as distance between teams should be determined.