In the second part of “Deliberate Practice” we want to present opinion of Mark Rosen, a coach in the University of Michigan, who says about training and practice.

You and your team must find a delicate balance. You aren’t spending too much time on simple, controlled skill work or too much time on completely game-like, uncontrolled situations. Finding that balance and progressing from the controlled to the un-controlled is a significant key to helping your player’s master skills within the game.


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When working on a new skill, or getting repetition to reinforce technique in a skill, you should focus only on that particular thing.


Mark Rosen thinks that competition and having fun are two areas often overlook as coaches. First, if we want our players to compete in matches we need to train them to compete in practice. Second, we always need to keep in mind that volleyball is a game and therefore it should be fun! He is a big believer that when players are having fun they are going to work harder, compete with more freedom and continue to give their coaches and teammates everything they have!