If you are off-balanced and find yourself up against a huge block the best solution is to use the block. Improve this valuable volleyball skill with Akademia Polskiej Siatkówki.




It’s a game played on proper courts for three-to-three or four-to-four, depending on age of players. Two middle-blockers from team A place themselves close to the net (B) and another one player stands behind the back line (Z). One of player from team B gets in position to pass the ball while two others are placed close the net and prepared to set (R) and spike (A) it. Team A begins with serving or throwing the ball towards team B. Receiver from team B passes the ball to the setter who sets it for the third player – attacker. Players standing close the net make their action dependent on the way of the opponent’s spike.


Team A will score 3 points if the middle-blockers block the attacked ball, completing the rally. 2 points are awarded to blocking team that stops the attack, hitting the ball towards the spiking team. Team can score 1 point if middle-blockers “catch” the ball and it stays in play on their side. The game goes on till the ball falls to the floor.

Teams take turns serving the ball, no matter which one won previous action. Players rotate after each completed action.


To make the game easier for younger or less skills players you can lower the net and grant points for the correct approach to the hit and blocker’s work or mark narrow part of the net as a place to make a single blocks. Team can also score points every time the block touches the ball.

To make the game more demanding for older or higher skills players tell to play 4-to-4 or 5-to-5 and grant points only in case of blocking the ball back onto the hitter’s side. You can also require team to make a double block every time or introduce two or even three additional attackers to the game.