Just as with every single sport out there, training is vital in determining if the athlete is going to be successful or not. It is really important to adapt and train properly for long term results. Unfortunately, most athletes are going to train in an improper way. Always be sure you avoid the following volleyball training mistakes if you want to be faced with great results.

Not Taking Volleyball Specificity Into Account

Coaches and athletes so often make the huge mistake of not using specificity. This is a principle that states training has to match a sport’s specific physical demands. Volleyball is a stop and go anaerobic sport. It requires explosiveness, agility, jumping and quickness. An athlete will need fast reaction time, use of the fast twitch muscle fibers and high movement speed. All volleyball physical training sessions will need to match such demands.

The mistake is not using proper training activities like agility drills, sprints and jumping activities. Coaches and athletes sometimes train slow twitch fibers through long distance running or slower drills. Athletes simply do not end up being challenged with a suitable speed and intensity. When faced with the competitive match the results will not be great.

Mostly Training Strength

Another huge mistake is spending a large part of the practice or training time on strength routines instead of working on the weaknesses that the athlete has to deal with. Having fun when you are at practice is important but basically nobody seems to want to work on the problematic parts of individual game.

What is interesting is that a good volleyball team will always take advantage of the weaknesses a team has. TitanBet and the top 10 best betting sites always favor teams that take advantage of athlete weakness. As a player you will need to identify problem areas and work on improving them. A personalized training routine is always much better than something that is general. Remember that in modern volleyball any mistake is drastically punished.

Not Thinking About Nutrition

So many aspiring volleyball players do not complement their training with what they eat. Your body will need fuel in order to optimally perform. If the athlete eats sugar and junk food the fuel needed is simply not there. Nutrients will not be available as the competition happens. If you see beginner athletes cramp, be injured or crash, there is a good possibility that nutrition is the real problem. Eating junk food before a volleyball game is a guarantee that performance will not be as high as it could be.


To sum up, always avoid the three huge training mistakes that plague volleyball players from all around the world. The body needs to completely meet volleyball demands. Always be sure you will work on the parts of the game that require a lot of work and use nutrition as an ally that offers more fuel to use during both training and competitive games. If coaches do not train you properly, you may need to do some on the side training to improve performance.