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  • Greetings from a complete noob
    My story: I had never watched VB until the Rio Olympics. I was staying with a Chinese friend over the summer and she wanted to watch the Chinese NT. Needless to say, the dramatic arc for her over those few weeks was pretty intense. I watched a bunch of matches with her and wasn't excited […]
  • New German BVB Coaching Structure
    Can anyone shed any light on what Germany has done to their professional coaching structure. There would appear to be a new head coach to train the German BVB teams. Which sounds fine so far. But the person chosen is Morph Bowes, who happens to be Laura Ludwig's boyfriend. And Ludwig/Walkenhorst will be keeping their […]
  • Germany NT 2017
    Felix Koslowski is now officially the head coach of German NT. In 2016 he didn't have a "real" contract, now he does. However the press release does not say anything about the duration of the contract, just that 2017 is an important year for NT, that they want to qualify for WCH and reach quarterfinals […]