Before you begin to play volleyball, it is useful to be accustomed with the rules and the regulations. There are also certain terms that the average player as well as the enthusiast will know more about. Some of these terms may be referred to as slang.

As you become to play more, you will lean what other players are saying to each, how the scoring system work and how observers and chatting to one another. You will begin to pick up on a variety of these terms which help you learn more about this great game.

Here are 5 volleyball terms which stand out in the volleyball arena, which are all very important for players to know about.

1. Ace – This principle works on the same basis as the ace served in the game of tennis. It is when a player serves, and nobody on the other team is able to touch the ball. The serve may be above their level and this goes in the server’s favor. An error is called when the server of the ball makes a foot fault. The ball can be out of bounds or the ball is served into the net.

2. Stuff Block – This is a great tactic. It is when a member of one team will spike the ball up. However, there will be someone on the opposite team at the net. They will immediately jump up and hit it with force over the net. The player actually reaches over the net so their opposition is not able to get the ball back. Besides this type of a block, there are also team blocks and other solo blocks which individuals learn about over the course of time. Blocking errors can crop up from time to time. These can go against a team. There are violations in the rules, such as blocking from the back or leaning over the net, for example.

3. Dig – This is when a player will pass a ball to their team mate after they were attacked by the opposite team. When the ball is kept in play it is referred to as a dig.

4. Kill – This is the term that all players get to know about very quickly. It is when a ball is not returnable because of various factors. The same thing occurs with an ace. However, that simply relates to the point on serve. An example of this is when the ball simply lands on the ground without anyone hitting it back. There may be a center line violation or a blocking error.

5. Assist – The player will pass the ball to his or her teammate. They will then attack the ball for the kill. They will receive the credit for the dig, for example.