European volleyball league 2009 drawing of lots has been made in Luxembourg. Slovakia, the European league 2008 champion, will meet Portugal, Belarus and Austria in pool C.



12 teams in three pools will fight for Final four tournament. Only the winners of pool qualify for Final Four. One spot in Final four tournament will have the host country. Final four tournament will take place 17-19 July 2009.

"It is a good drawing for us. We know Portugal from the last year. Belarus can be dangerous, we have to beware of them. Also Austria can play well. We have chance to play Final four." – said E. Zanini assistent coach Stefan Chrtiansky. The main goal of Slovakian head coach Emanuel Zanini is to qualify for World Championship 2010 in Italy. From the last week E. Zanini is also head coach of Trenkwalder Modena.

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