Volleyball is always an exciting sport as it is quite intense and full of excitement. There’s a lot of speed, teamwork, individual skills, and much more. But even with that, volleyball and sports fans in general have found another way to add to the adrenaline – placing a wager. The only problem with this is that if you want to be successful when betting on volleyball, you have to make sure that you are making informed decisions. Otherwise, you can easily end up draining your bankroll.

So how do you go about it all? Today, we’ll look at the various aspects you should consider, both on the team and the player side. From there, you should feel more comfortable when selecting your sportsbook or online casino from sites such as nettikasinoguide.

How Are the Team’s Recent Performances?

The first key thing to getting most bets in volleyball right is measuring the potential that both teams possess. And for this, the best place to start is in their recent performances. Checking to see how a certain team has performed in recent games will help you understand their form and how consistent the team is. Has the team struggled, or are they on a winning streak?

But besides the wins and losses, you should also look at the quality of opposition that a team has faced. Of course, if a team has been winning against strong teams, it means that the team’s strength is quite high. If the upcoming opposition is weaker, then you can go with a moneyline or even a handicap bet. However, note that the team strength can also be affected by things such as recent injuries or changes in the coaching department. 

Who is in the team?

This should be the next consideration after looking at how the team has been performing. It actually tells you more about the upcoming game as you now get to consider who may be starting and who is likely to be in the substitutions. As a rule of thumb, ensure that you pay more attention to key positions such as setters, outside hitters, and middle blockers. For example, when a star setter is missing, this can have a significant impact on the team.

From there, you can look at how a team’s key players have been performing. You can consider things such as the spiking accuracy, the serve reception, and blocking success. If it’s a tournament, you will also need to look at the bench, as there may be injuries or fatigue. If a team is strong in terms of depth, this will cover your bet.

What’s the Playing style?

Betting today is more than just placing a wager on who you think is going to win. There are lots of bets you can place, with some of them being point spread, Over/Under, sets, futures, props, and live betting. This means that you need to also analyze things such as how a team plays so that you can understand what may work in that particular game. 

As such, ensure that you consider things like if a team usually has aggressive attacks or its defensive stability. There’s also how it serves, the strategies that it uses when attacking, and how good it is at blocking. When you have this kind of information, you will be able to place a safer bet.

How is the Head-to-Head Comparison?

The other key consideration is how each team has performed when they’ve met each other. And for that, you will need to look at the stats in the records. The basic starting point is comparing wins and losses, but you’ll need to go deeper than that. Look at the points won and how they were won, such as in service or receiving. Analyze these through the various rounds, as winning may not give you all the information about the likeliest team to win.

But while at it, don’t forget that a lot may have changed since the two teams met each other. Look at if there’s been a departure of key players as well as changes in coaching staff. All these will help you ensure that you make an informed decision and enhance your chances of winning.