There are many great movies and games packed full of exciting volleyball references. Discover 7 of the very best volleyball-themed films and games right here, then get watching, or start playing!

If you’re a true volleyball lover, you will already know that this popular sport has appeared in many blockbuster movies and even games. Sports are always a trendy topic for pop culture, and there are many famous movies and games that have volleyball centre stage, or even just feature an unforgettable scene with the sport as its inspiration.

Are you keen on discovering which films and games contain cameos of your favourite ball game? Check out this top 7 list for all the most popular volleyball-themed titles:

Top Gun

This infamous romantic military action drama film, directed by Tony Scott, has gone down in history for being packed full of action, good-looking fighter pilots, and of course, Tom Cruise. However, sports fans will equally love its fun-filled beach volleyball scene, which plays out in slow motion to add to the action. This film also boasts over-the-top humour that has been soliciting laughs since 1986, so for any volleyball or comedy fan, it’s a must see!

Side Out

A law student visits sunny California for the summer and ends up playing professional volleyball in this sports-themed classic from the 90’s. Even the title takes its inspiration from the volleyball rule that states that a team gains the right to serve the next ball by winning a volley. Side Out is considered an absolute classic to this day, so if you’re looking for history’s favourite volleyball films, this is a great place to start.

Meet the Parents

While this movie only has a small volleyball scene to offer, it still deserves a mention! Ben Stiller stars in this sequel to the classic comedy, Meet the Fockers. The volleyball scene in Meet the Parents is definitely worth a watch, with Greg Focker embarrassing himself once again in front of his girlfriend’s critical parents – and extended family – with the help of a skimpy swimsuit and his memorably paltry volleyball skills.

Impact Point

An entry with a touch of mystery, Impact Point is a volleyball-centred thriller that will really get you thinking. In this film, Kelley Reyes is on her way to becoming a star professional beach volleyball player… until a reporter with a big secret enters her life. The movie follows Kelley as she deals with increasingly strange occurrences, all while her make-or-break volleyball match approaches. Will she be able to forget her suspicions and win the big game, or will her new acquaintance get the better of her? You’ll have to watch this volley-centric thriller to find out.

Iron Ladies

Many discerning volleyball fans rate this as the best volley-themed film ever made. Also called Satree Lek, this Thai comedy film offers a laugh a minute, a fun filled team of cross-gendered characters, and a story that is based on a true tale of volleyball victory. The real Iron Ladies are even shown at the end of the film, which offers an almost documentary-like take on the extraordinary tale of the real Thai pro volleyball team of the same name. This film has been nominated for 12 international awards and has won 10 of them, so it will definitely be a great addition to your watch list!

Bikini Party Slot

Movies are great – but how about some interactive fun? Bikini Party is a tropical Microgaming slot game packed full of volleyball scenery and gorgeously tanned players. Three volleyball scatters will reward you with 15 free spins, and there’s also a reel re-spin option for if you’re feeling lucky. For volleyball action and the chance to win real money jackpots, Bikini Party is a sterling choice, and you can find this slot and many other sports-themed games at JackpotCity Casino.

Beach Volleyball Slot

Last but not least on our list is Beach Volleyball, an online sots game that’s hard hitting and loads of fun. Created by the developers at BBIN Technology, Beach Volleyball is an imaginative 3D slot game that boasts tropical scenery and a beautiful, anime-style player to boot. With 5 reels and 40 paylines, this real money slot game boasts bonus games, free spins, multiple jackpots, and lucrative Wilds to help players fill in winning combinations and claim even more cash.