10 advice reception volleyball 

In this difficult time we cannot train, play matches and halls are empty. Players and coaches are trapped at home. But we should learn from every difficult situation and come out stronger.

Our goal is to pass on our knowledge and knowledge of top volleyball experts, so we decided to make our online volleyball courses more accessible. We bring FREE opportunity to learn from home online. Get inspired by the famous coach Javier Weber who performed at the World Volleyball Coaching Show in 2019.

Javier Weber lectured at the World volleyball coaches show 2019 on topic How to dig as many balls as possible in defense.. The defense in the field is the second most important skill in Argentinian volleyball. Every team is proud of their defense and tries to defend at least 6 – 7 balls per set. J. Weber will show you many exercises and will also mention the setting of a player for successful defense in the field.

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You can also choose from other online volleyball courses and learn many hours at home from the best international experts. All courses now get 50% DISCOUNT. Take advantage of this unique opportunity that no one else offers in the Czech sports environment.

The advantage of online volleyball courses is the possibility of flexible training, independent of place and time. Compared to classical education, you save a lot of time and money with online courses. You can study what you want, when you want, and where you want to go. And because we only work with top volleyball professionals, the quality of our online courses is guaranteed.