Canadian opposite Dallas Soonias is having good times in Korea. “We train crazy hard but its easy to enjoy the games with all the fans and electric environment,” said Dallas in our interview.


How are you doing in Korea? What is your actual position with your team in league?
Korea is good. I’m enjoying this year more than years past. We train crazy hard but its easy to enjoy the games with all the fans and electric environment. Right now we are third place heading into playoffs.

It is common foreigner player in Korea receive many sets. What is your record this year? How many sets, points you made in total?
Yes the teams here rely on the foreigner player for most of their offence. Most avg. 26-30 points a game. So far this year I’ve scored 853 points… I’m hitting 56.60% efficiency. I’m avg. 0.68 blocks per set.

What do you think about Korean volleyball, is it different from other leagues you played?
I think the Korean league is certainly exciting. The players aren’t as tall as other top leagues but they certainly aren’t short, and anything they might lack in physical stature they make up for in impeccable technique and hard work.

How do you manage to stay in touch with your family and friends? You have more than 10 hours time change between Canada and Korea…
Yes, the time change is hard, but I think about what it must have been for players even 15 years ago. Today with Skype and things like that, staying in touch with loved ones is much easier. It be nice to play in my home country but hey, this is life.

Tell me the longest sentence you know in Korean language, I expect very long text:-)
I have a translator here so I know Very little Korean. All I can say hi Hello and thank you; hello is 여보세요… and thats about all I got:-)