An intensive sport such as volleyball involves making sharp turns and jumping. Those who want to practice volleyball at competitive or recreational events need to wear a quality pair of specialized shoes. You cannot use for a sport such as volleyball the casual shoes that you wear at home or to work or at home. They are uncomfortable to play in, slippery, not stabilizing the feet to avoid injuries risk and will let you down.

If you want to enjoy the best volleyball playing experience, your sports shoes must feature a non-slip rubberized sole designed to grip well most surfaces. This way you can prevent the risk of slipping and injury while playing volleyball.

The shoes must also be optimized for jumping, comfortable, and have a lightweight design. Many volleyball shoes designed and produced by professional sports brands promise these features and benefits. However, if you don’t want to find a pair of shoes that allow you to perform well without spending a fortune, then here are the best volleyball shoes under $50.

1. Adidas Performance Volley Team 3

Among the best volleyball shoes under $50, the Adidas Performance Team 3 is ideal. The Adidas brand has a well-deserved good reputation in the industry of sports goods. As most of their sports shoes, the lightweight textile and synthetic fabrics used are non-irritant, breathable and durable. The fabrics do not require special maintenance and have a stylish outlook.

This Adidas volleyball shoes pair has numerous notable features to keep users comfortable. For instance, their padding is designed for optimal comfort. Its stay-cool, ventilated design aims to keep feet comfortable, cool and dry in all environments. To help you through the toughest workouts, the shoes come with a flexible rubber sole that features an Adiprene cushioning for shock absorbing.

2. ASICS Gel Rocket 7

This silver and onyx themed pair of volleyball shoes features a stable 2.75-inch shaft. The comfortable low profile is designed to help improves the flexibility of users. Its textile and synthetic fabric are breathable, light, and designed to maximize the comfort levels. They come with a premium rubber sole designed to protect knees, heels, and joints from irritation by absorbing shock with each jump. Their compound rubber outsole has the role to improve traction. Shock on impact is attenuated by their forefoot gel cushioning.

3. ASICS Women’s Gel Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

The volleyball shoes for women by ASICS are among the best volleyball shoes under $50. They are great for those who want something well made yet inexpensive. The model is very popular, being well built and quite stylish. You can choose from four different color options. They are made out of a flexible rubber sole and a durable synthetic leather that improve control and stability. The shoes are very comfortable, being padded with a soft foam. A cushioning compound with an innovative configuration is designed to eliminate bending for a flawless fit.

4. ASICS Men’s Gel-Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

The men’s version of ASICS volleyball shoes are one of the best available choices on the market as well. Their innovative focuses on plenty of comfort and a lightweight construction. A synthetic leather is used for the outside and a thin foam layer is used on the inside, same as for the women’s version. The rubber sole offers better grip on the court and impact absorption, while a mesh portion offers ventilation.

5. ASICS Women’s Gel Tactic Volleyball Shoe

These volleyball shoes for women are coming from the ASICS brand as well. They are among the best volleyball shoes under $50. The ASICS brand is well trusted among the volleyball’s fans and the Gel Tactic makes a great choice. This pair of sports shoes is suitable for both professional and amateur women volleyball players. Their design aims to create a high level of ankle support and comfort, which makes them one of the most effective and safest volleyball shoes on the market today.

The Gel Tactic shoes come in multiple color options, including red and blue. They are made out of comfortable synthetic leather imported material that is accentuated with an air mesh. The mesh offers a smooth airflow that makes them cooler and more comfortable, besides its decorative role.

During volleyball games your foot is protected from harm such as getting stepped on by a high-quality toe guard. Easier pivoting and extra grip is provided by the special design of the sole. The Rearfoot Gel Cushioning system is specially designed to keep your feet safe and comfortable in any volleyball situations. The NC Rubber outsole gives it a higher level of traction on the court.

6. Mizuno Women’s Wave Bolt 5 Volleyball Shoe

These Mizuno made sports shoes are fun and attractive to look at, while delivering high-class performance on the court. Mizuno is among the best volleyball brands. They ensured to load this red volleyball shoe with features that suit women players of various skill levels and all age groups. The Wave Bolt shoes provide flexibility and speed, so you can approach the court confidently.

This Mizuno volleyball shoes pair for women is powered by Dynomotion Groove Technology designed to improve agility, stability, and flexibility. They also feature the Mizuno Intercool technology with innovative and unique ventilation system in the soles and mesh that ensure humidity and heat are avoided inside the shoes.

The Dura Shield present in the areas of toes protects them from getting damaged or bruised in any way. The Sensor Point suspension system provides improved traction and absorbs shocks. The full-length EVA midsole also provides a cushioning effect and ensures that shocks are absorbed quicker. The Wave Bolt 5 are available in five color combinations: white and royal blue, white and red, white and black, black and silver, and white & navy. They are affordable and provide great value for your money.

7. Adidas Performance Women’s Ligra 4 W Volleyball Shoe

These shoes for women are one of the best volleyball shoes under $50 made by Adidas. They are designed to increase playing performance of those wearing them. The Ligara 4 shoes provide a good traction and keep you from sliding on the court. They are made of a combination of rubber material for the under sole and the treads are designed to provide solid traction.

Their synthetic material makes them flexible, durable and strong. The Ligra 4 can support well your weight and provide launch power and cushioning due to their rubber soles. These features combined with their grip ensure great performance. When it comes to comfort, their insole is very soft and the mesh material is breathable. This is a versatile shoes pair that can be also adapted to other sporting activity.


Volleyball is a sport enjoyable to practice, but requires special shoes in order to play it safe and achieve the best performance. For this reason, it is recommended to have a good quality pair of shoes that have been designed specially for this sport. There are several brands active in the volleyball sport niche.

Our 7 best volleyball shoes under $50 picks are comfortable, durable, come with premium components that increase safety and comfort, while coming at a very affordable price.