Choosing volleyball equipment is as important as choosing a good coach. Yes, most of the things will vary from a person to person. That is the reason so many brands and so many types are there in the market. If you are getting started with the game or you aren’t happy with your current selections of equipment, this article shall be very helpful. We shall discuss some of the very basic things that you should be considering while selecting your equipment.

A good equipment will help you to stay comfortable and minimize injury while playing volleyball. some of the basic things that you need for indoor volleyball are good court shoes, knee pads and some players even used ankle braces as well. For beach volleyball you don’t need them at all but make sure you are hydrated and protected from sun. After a long volleyball session you can also enjoy online gaming at Ladbrokes on your mobile and give rest to your body. Let’s discuss and compare few important volleyball equipments in detail.

Court shoes vs the Runners

For beginners any indoor athletic shoes should be enough but if you look carefully, they aren’t same at all. The runner shoes have higher heel height which can lead to more ankle sprain. If you are playing at a higher level it is wise to invest in the shoes. The sole of court shoe is better for the gripping on the floor. Choose a shoe that fits extremely well. It is advised to replace them regularly to maximize the support that they give you. These might sound small things but they really make a huge impact on a very high level.


Volleyball is involved with a lot of repetitive motions on the court. With it comes a lot of blisters. The best way to avoid these blisters is by choosing right shoes and socks. The good selection of the mentioned things will dramatically reduce your chances to have blisters. Sometimes the player wear two socks so that friction is only happening between the layers rather than between socks and the skin. Make sure they fit well and are made up of good material. Always remember, avoiding blisters is much easier than treating them.

Knee Pads

The indoor volleyball has seen the rise of knee pads. These days almost all the volleyball players wear knee pads so that knees are protected from the impact of the floor. The most important thing to consider in a knee pad is to look for a material which can breathe and is light weight. Try to squat when you wear them for the first time. More thickness doesn’t always mean the better protection. You need to play volleyball as well, so choose a one which allow free movement and the protection as well.

Ankle braces

Well this one isn’t a mandatory one. A lot of players wear them but there are a lot of players who simply prefer not to wear them. The incidence of players landing on each other’s foot is very common. Due to this fact a lot of players are moving towards these protective gears. There is a long list of ankle braces which covers a whole wide range of prices. The most important thing is that a brace should fit comfortably in your shoes. If you decide to buy one then make sure it is a quality one.