Do you want to jump higher? Of course you do! Here is one exercise which will help you to improve your jump. Try these tips and reach for the stars!




Nose breakers!- You are targeting your hamstrings and glutes-oh ya…if you don’t use your pecs, tri’s and arms you may fall on your face! This one is tough so be prepared!

Hook your feet under a heavy barbell to hold your weight or a fixed object. Use a mat or towel under your knees to soften the pressure from kneeling on them. Try to slowly lower yourself down (hard eccentric hamstring contraction) until you have to catch yourself with your arms. In one fluid motion push yourself back up to continue with more repetitions. This is a great exercise for any athlete that needs to build up more hamstring strength!

Start with 2 sets of 6 reps with body weight and add more sets as you get stronger. Also, make sure you are sufficiently warm otherwise you will feel like your hamstrings will seize into a wicked cramp…enjoy!

**remember to only perform exercises like these if you are in good health and your health care team recommends it!