Volleyball knee pads for women’s are indispensable. Why do you need them? Are they really so important? Let me tell you the reasons why you need them.

As you know volleyball is a game of coordination and balanced interplay between players in a team. When things aren’t going well, women players have to dive for the ball in an attempt to save the point. During this effort, the player may injure their knee. It could be a painful save, one that could be avoided with knee pads.

Volleyball knee pads prevent impact injuries by protecting the bone and skin from the hard surface. The pad absorbs the impact and provides a cushion that protects your knee. Read on for more details…

How Do Knee Pads Protect the Knee?
Knee pads wrap around the knee joint tightly. Most knee pads are lightweight and have a slim fitting. It doesn’t restrict the range of motion. Some are made of moisture absorbing materials that prevent the accumulation of sweat. Another feature to look for is shock absorption. Foam is commonly used in knee pads to absorb shock.

Why Should Women Players Wear Volleyball Knee Pads?
Women’s should wear knee pads to prevent injuries and to keep the team intact. If the player gets injured, the team will have to play without her skills, which reduces the team’s chemistry.

If women’s wear knee pads, they will be able to compete after hitting their knee on the floor. Since the knee is protected, there’s no downtime for injuries. Players can get right back up and play the next point.

Some of the injuries that a knee pad can prevent include scrapes and painful impacts. Scrapes may bleed, and the player will have to return to the sidelines for a bandage, at the very least. Painful impacts may remove the women player from several points, reducing the team’s ability to compete at a high level.

One of the most important reasons why women’s wear volleyball knee pads is also style and fashion. They have to be good looking, otherwise you will not wear them.

Additional Features to Look for
Abrasion resistance is something that distinguishes one brand of knee pads from another. This feature keeps the knee pad looking new, even after dozens of games. If you are planning to play for an entire season, invest in a pair of knee pads with abrasion resistance. These knee pads will be able to survive countless impacts on the hard volleyball floor.

Soft-brushed interior lining is another feature to look for. This type of lining is comfortable and easy on the skin. It will have a supportive feel without hindering motion.

More and more student athletes are selecting volleyball over other sports in college. In fact, more high school girls played volleyball than basketball in 2015. This was the first time that happened. When they go to college, they fill the volleyball rosters as well. There was an increase of 40,000 volleyball players and a loss of 23,000 basketball players.

The increase in female volleyball players also increases the chances of more knee injuries, which will generate a demand for more volleyball knee pads.

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