If you are ‘don’t count your chickens before they hatch’ type of person in the selection of games to play then volleyball and football are two good options for you to involve in physical exercise.


Both these games are equally entertaining and good for health. Although, football and volleyball both games are entertaining but the choice of different people is different about the two. Public surely has enough knowledge to understand the reasons in its background.


Volleyball is actually a slow game in comparison with football. Players do not have to run very much and very fast due to which volleyball may seem like a slow game. However, players have to do a lot of physical exercise in sitting down, standing up and diving to stop opponents from scoring points. Furthermore, unlike Football, all players of a volleyball team remain active when the game continues. Sometimes, the diving and jumping may continue for several minutes up till a team scores a point. Therefore, volleyball is equally effective for exercise as compared to football. In speed, however, volleyball cannot be compared with football. The fast running people will, therefore, certainly consider it like a very slow game, but those conscious in regard to injuries will like to play volleyball more than football, since the injuries only happen due to diving or colliding with other players.


Football, in comparison with volleyball is a much faster game. Players have to run very fast when playing football due to which more injuries often happen due to colliding and foot-slipping. Besides, the kicks of other players or even a straight hit at sensitive parts of the body can cause severe pain and keep you out of the field for several months. The intensity of injuries in football is much more severe, as discussed before, due to which only passionate player like to play this game. Even minor injuries in football are more severe than the major injuries of volleyball, in the most cases.


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